Brewing Precision: ANGEL's Intelligent Tea Infuser Takes CES 2024 Headlines by Storm

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage machines, the ANGEL Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine has emerged as a standout choice, earning a coveted spot on the prestigious TWICE Picks list and coverage by various reputable media outlets. Notably, ANGEL Group has been recognized for its innovative technological features and distinct cultural sensitivity, setting it apart in the competitive market. At the forefront of global technology innovation, the ANGEL’s tea infuser made waves, captivated tremendous attention, and left a lasting impression on beverage enthusiasts. As a passionate enthusiast of beverage brewing, the ANGEL’s tea infuser has piqued my interest as an exciting prospect for the Western market.

Exceptional Technological Features and Accolades:

The ANGEL Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine winning the TWICE Picks Awards is a testament to its exceptional qualities. As the only tea machine to receive this accolade, it stands out with its distinguished Asian features, showcasing a fusion of innovation and elegance, uniquely blending digitalization with traditional Chinese tea culture. We are astounded by the three core technological modules and two intelligent algorithm systems, the Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine ensures an effortless and flavorful tea experience. The Digital Tea Art Database, a result of collaboration with tea art masters, converts traditional Chinese tea-making procedures into parameterized data, creating a digital brewing curve for various teas. Precision Rapid Heating and Temperature Control Technology ensures optimal brewing conditions. At the same time, H-jet Water Particle Technology elevates the tea experience by rapidly flushing the system and utensils, resulting in a richer and more flavorful tea soup. This advanced device by ANGEL brings digitalization, standardization, specialization, and intelligence together, enabling tea enthusiasts worldwide to effortlessly enjoy the best tea flavors with a simple touch. Notably, its unique features have earned it prestigious accolades, including the Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the Silver Award at the Asia International Innovative Invention Exhibition, and two Chinese utility model patent certificates.

As my excitement for ANGEL’s Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine grows, I am not alone in anticipating its global impact, with enthusiasts worldwide eager to experience its innovation. The Angel Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine earned prominent recognition by being considered a “beverage machine making a splash”. Acknowledged for the product’s innovation and efficiency, the Angel Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine stood out as a solution for tea enthusiasts seeking precision in their brewing process. The machine’s ability to eliminate the guesswork associated with brewing different tea varieties, emphasizes its smart technology that automatically adjusts settings such as water temperature, brew time, and ratio based on the type of tea selected. CES audiences particularly praised the machine for purifying water before brewing, ensuring a delightful tea experience, and its steam-clean cycle, contributing to the overall efficiency and maintenance of the device.

Ms. Kongna’s Vision and CES 2024 Press Conference:

ANGEL Group hails from a renowned water purifier manufacturer, displaying exceptional technical capabilities in diverse areas. This professional background elevates the brand’s promise and foresight, hinting at a high level of expertise and innovation. The foundation sets the stage for Ms. Kongna’s address at the ANGEL press conference during CES 2024, as it served as a powerful testament to the brand’s unwavering technological commitment to advancing water purification. As the Chairman and President of ANGEL Group, she eloquently highlighted the company’s journey since its inception in 1987, emphasizing ANGEL’s pivotal role in shaping China’s water purification industry. Her vision for internationalization and the brand’s success in 65 countries underscored ANGEL’s global impact. The call for collaboration, technological innovation, and shared efforts toward a prosperous and sustainable future in the water purification industry resonated, echoing ANGEL’s commitment to excellence.

In addition to the Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine, ANGEL unveiled the Space Master Whole House Water Solution, setting a new world record for the world’s smallest whole-house water purification system. The miniaturized design allows flexible installation with highly integrated powerful performance. It breaks the traditional space limitations for whole-house water purification, ushering in a new generation of whole-house water purification experiences.

The positive reception, with fellow enthusiasts and industry experts acknowledging ANGEL‘s commitment to revolutionizing the tea-brewing experience, has fueled my excitement as a discerning beverage enthusiast. In the realm of beverage machines, the ANGEL Intelligent Five-Step Tea Infusing Machine stands out as a beacon of innovation, cultural richness, and global appeal. With the overwhelmingly positive media perception and recognition throughout CES, I eagerly anticipate their journey pioneering in blending tradition with technology on an international stage, awaiting its presence in the Western market.

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