Voice Channel Continues to Prevail in Customer Service as Revealed by evaluagent

Middlesbrough, UK, March 2024 – In an era dominated by digital interactions, the enduring significance of the voice channel in customer service has been highlighted by a survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by the leading research and analysis firm for the contact center industry, ContactBabel.

As part of their whitepaper, Voice: Its Place in a Multichannel World, evaluagent sheds light on the state of customer service today, revealing that the voice channel remains the preferred method for problem-solving among consumers. This challenges preconceived ideas about the decline of phone interactions in favor of digital channels.

Contrary to expectations, the voice channel continues to handle approximately 65% of contact center traffic in both the US and the UK. This persistence defies assumptions that younger generations avoid phone calls, as even millennials and Gen Z gravitate towards voice for resolving complex issues.

The key driver behind the dominance of the voice channel is its unparalleled ability to deliver first-contact resolution, a factor highly valued by customers. Real-time problem-solving and reassurance provided by human agents over the phone cannot be replicated by digital channels.

However, despite its effectiveness, the voice channel faces challenges such as increasing speed-to-answer metrics and rising costs per call. Still, customers endure these friction points because they trust that voice interactions will lead to satisfactory solutions.

The future of customer service lies in embracing a balance between voice and digital technologies. By leveraging the strengths of each channel, businesses can meet customer expectations for human connection and solve issues much faster.

Commenting on the white paper findings, James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer at evaluagent, said, “The results of this research are fascinating. While digital channels are still undoubtedly on the rise, when it comes to those high complexity, high emotion issues, a human agent is unmatched. It’s a challenging landscape for contact centers at the moment, with many finding it difficult to strike the balance between digital and traditional channels, alongside the right amount of AI and human oversight. 

This white paper helps bring clarity by painting a picture of what’s really going on, and how contact centers can leverage the opportunities available.”

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